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We are Personal Injury Attorneys handling cases throughout the Puget Sound area including King County, Snohomish County, Skagit County and the communities of Stanwood, Arlington, Mount Vernon, Marysville, Camano Island, Everett, La Conner, Mill Creek, Monroe, and Snohomish.

Personal Injury Claim Case Studies

Construction Site Accident

Client Compensated for Injuries Suffered in Fall From Faulty Scaffolding Stairs

The attorneys at David A. Kohles, Inc. obtained a judgment exceeding $1,000,000 for a union plumber injured while descending a set of faulty scaffolding stairs.

Wrongful Death

Client Awarded Favorable Settlement in Wrongful Death Road Construction Case

The attorneys at David A. Kohles obtained a $500,000.00 settlement for the adult son of a road construction flagger who was killed on the job by a sweeper truck.

Car Accident Injury

Client Compensated for Ankle Fracture Injury

Received jury verdict exceeding $800,000 for client who suffered an ankle fracture in a T-bone collision.

Maritime Injury

Client Recovery for Near Drowning

Settlement for $850,000 for near drowning with neck and back injuries.

Maritime Death

Client Family Recovery for Drowning Death of Fisherman

Over $2,200,000.00 recovered on trial judgment for drowning death.

Work Site Injury

Client Recovery for Lower Leg Fracture

Nearly $1,100,000.00 recovered on jury verdict for fractured leg escaping from tipping crane.

Trip and Fall

Client Compensated for Feet and Ankle Fractures

$320,000.00 settlement for injuries stepping off a curb at a commercial building.

Automobile Crash Death

Client Recovery for Instantaneous Death of Husband

Over $1,100,000.00 settlements for death of retiree for surviving wife.

Home Nursing Care

Client Settlement for Death Following Fall from Wheelchair

One half million dollars recovered for death of elderly wife from complications following hip fracture from poor home nursing care.

Maritime Fisherman Injury

Client Settlement for Crushed Hand on Fishing Boat

$500,000.00 for hand injury to a crewman on fishing boat.

Elevator Injury

Client Compensated for Hip and Leg Fractures

$1,500,000.00 for injured construction worker from badly designed construction elevator.

Nursing Home Death

Adult Children Recover for Loss of Elderly Father

$1,000,000.00 settlement for death following injuries from poor nursing home care.

Maritime Crab Vessel Injury

Full Recovery of Trial Judgment Against Uninsured Vessel Owners

Full recovery of nearly $500,000.00 of trial judgment, interest, and attorney’s fees against crab vessel owners who had no insurance coverage.

Railroad Worker Injury

Client Recovery for Paraplegia Injury Following Injury Working for Railroad

Multi-million dollar confidential settlements for injured railroad worker from back strain that led to paraplegia.

Business Customer Injury

Client Compensated for Fractured Skull Without Brain Injury

$600,000.00 recovered for injuries at automobile junk yard causing skull factures without permanent residuals.

Wrongful Death

Client Awarded Favorable Settlement in Wrongful Death Road Construction Case

The attorneys at David A. Kohles obtained a favorable settlement for the son of a road construction flagger who was killed on the job.

Defective Product

Client Who Lost a Limb Awarded Favorable Settlement in Defective Product Case

The attorneys at David A. Kohles negotiated a favorable settlement on behalf of their client who lost a leg due to a defective gantry machine.

Medical Malpractice

Client Awarded Favorable Settlement in Hip Fracture Case

$650,000 settlement on a medical negligence claim involving a hip fracture.

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